The by-laws are listed by subject.

The site is updated periodically, but always check with the administrative clerk to find out if there are new amendments in force.


Direction générale


Contract management (French only)

By-law 571-2019
Document PDF de 782.5 kb

Environment Advisory Committee

By-law 567
Document PDF de 696.8 kb

Governing rules

By-law 564-2018 - Regarding the rules governing sittings of council
Document PDF de 546.4 kb

Municipal employee code of ethics

By-law 555-2018 (modifies 496-2012 - 445-2016)
Document PDF de 275 kb

Real Estate Transfer Duties

By-law 553-2018
Document PDF de 601.5 kb

Regarding additional financial assistance to the Accès-Logis Québec program

By-law 579-2019
Document PDF de 551.5 kb

Regarding financial administration (French only)

By-law 577-2019
Document PDF de 930.4 kb

Regarding taxes, tariffs, service and compensation charges for the 2020 financial year (French only)

By-law 585-2019
Document PDF de 735.9 kb

Sommet Morin Heights network connection

By-law 552-2018
Document PDF de 213.4 kb



Control of septic installations

By-law 436, modified by 549-2017
Document PDF de 403.3 kb

Gestion des cours d’eau dans la MRC (French only)

Règlement / By-law MRC 259-2912
Document PDF de 216.9 kb


By-law 339
Document PDF de 54.5 kb

Usage of drinking water

By-law 495-2012
Document PDF de 56.3 kb

Public Safety


Animal control

By-law 503-2013 modified by By-law 568 regarding animal control
Document PDF de 783.5 kb

Material prejudice

By-law 504-2013
Document PDF de 31.6 kb

Sur la circulation, le stationnement, la paix et le bon ordre (French only)

Règlement SQ-2019 - sur la circulation, le stationnement, la paix et le bon ordre
Document PDF de 1.2 Mb

Truck and heavy vehicle traffic

By-law 370 modified by By-law 528 regarding truck and heavy traffic
Document PDF de 446.8 kb

Public Works


Connection to the drinking water network

By-law 461
Document PDF de 33.1 kb

Quarries and sandpits

By-law 458 amended by By-law 506 - Quarries and sandpits
Document PDF de 368.9 kb

Snow removal

By-law 569-2019
Document PDF de 812.5 kb

2019 Roadwork

By-law 575-2019 regarding 2019 roadwork
Document PDF de 726.4 kb

Town Planning


Construction (French only)

By-law 418
Document PDF de 72.3 kb

Health standards

By-law 509
Document PDF de 40.6 kb

Minor derogations (French only)

By-law 459
Document PDF de 37.1 kb

Norms pertaining to docks (French only)

By-law 570-2019 which modifies By-law (416) regarding zoning in order to specify norms pertaining to docks
Document PDF de 593.4 kb

Nuisances (French only)

Règlement 583-2019 sur les nuisances
Document PDF de 920.4 kb

Parceling by-law (French only)

By-law 417
Document PDF de 175.3 kb

Permits & Certificates (French only)

By-law 419
Document PDF de 100.5 kb

Site planning & Architectural Integration Program (French only)

By-law 419
Document PDF de 39.4 kb

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