Duties on transfers of immovables

According to An Act respecting duties on transfer of immovables, every Municipality in the province must collect duties on the transfer of any immovable property situated within its territory. The rate for the year 2022 is established according to the following:

  • 0,5 % on the portion up to $53 200; plus
  • 1 % on the portion between $53 201 and $266 200; plus
  • 1,5 % on the portion between $266 201 and $499 999; plus
  • 2,5 % on the portion exceeding $500 000.

The Municipality will invoice the owner who will have thirty (30) days to pay it. The imposition base is calculated using the higher of the following amounts:

  • The amount of the consideration furnished for the transfer of the immovable;
  • The amount of the consideration stipulated for the transfer of the immovable
  • The amount of the market value at the time of its transfer. (According to the law, the market value being the product obtained by the multiplication of the assessment roll value for the unit, or the portion transferred corresponding to the property, which ever the case, by the established roll coefficient.)

Methods of payment

By Internet

We invite you to make your payment by Internet

  • Payments can be made via Internet banking at participating financial institutions.
  • Simply add: MUNICIPALITÉ DE MORIN-HEIGHTS as a payee.
  • Then, enter your 18 digit registration (matricule) number located on your invoice.

Consult other payment methods.


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