May 23, 2020

Outdoor Network

The Municipal Trail Network opens on Wednesday, May 20!

Basler Park: open for hiking and mountain biking

Bouleaux Park: closed for now, we will reevaluate next week

Gradual opening of the parking lots starting May 21.

If you want to lend a hand for a chore on the trails, please contact the Network Coordinator at 450 226-3232, ext. 140 or at

Safety instructions reminders:
• gatheringallowed 10 pers. max.
• 2 meters distancing
• Respect between users of various activities
• Dogs on leash only

Sanitary facilities will be offered as of May 23 at the Aerobic Corridor Pavilion (50 ch. du Lac-Écho).

Regarding the use of park furniture (benches, tables), as COVID-19 can be transmitted by contact with surfaces and objects, we ask you to avoid touching them with your hands. It is also recommended to wash your hands when you get home and change your clothes immediately.

Warning! A portion of the Triangle trail is closed since it is now located on private property. We are evaluating the best way to reroute this path to ensure its sustainability. Please respect the ban on access to private property during the summer season.

Welcome Lodges
Lodges Services Activities Status Opening
Chalet Bellevue
9h00 - 16h30
Parc Basler
9h00 - 16h30
Secteur Bouleau
Lodge closed
Lodge open
Rest area
Rental shop
Waxing room
Activities Nomber of tracks Total length
Mountain bike 18 26.71 km
Hiking 19 29.71 km
Hybrid bike 1 9.8 km
Trier par Numéro  | Trier par Nom
Hiking trails
No Trail Length Type Dir Status Notes
12 Allen 1.3 km
37 Bellevue Black 1.0  km
37 Bellevue 2.7 km