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Service de l’urbanisme

Permit and Authorization Certificate Requests

Every citizen is responsible for finding out prior to starting any project or work on their property, if it conforms to the Municipality’s Town Planning by-laws in force and if they require a permit or not to do so. Please consult the Regulation & Permits’ section for details and request form.

The Town Planning Department

It is the doorway to the Engineering and Design Department for citizens and businesses, which are monitoring projects in Morin-Heights.

The Department studies its citizens’ requests in a timely fashion. Projects regarding the construction of infrastructures by promoters are analysed by this department in collaboration with the Administration and Public Works.

Its mandate is to manage and control urban development. The department is also responsible to apply Town planning regulations, issue permits and infractions.

If you are considering doing work on your property (renovation, extension, pool, shed, tree cutting, etc.), consult the existing by-laws and request information as well as your permits before starting any type of work.

Town Planning Regulations

Since the 1950, the Municipality of Morin-Heights has monitored the development of its territory using several tools, including town planning by-laws. These by-laws deal with specific aspects, such as zoning, parcelling, and construction.

In force since September 2007, the purpose of the revised zoning by-law is to act as a social contract between the Municipality of Morin-Heights and its citizens with the objective to balance individual liberties and benefits to citizens, while continuing to improve the already exceptional environment Morinheighters live in.

How to obtain a hard copy of the Town Planning By-laws

If you can’t print off this web site Professionals and citizens alike can request a printed copy of the entire town planning by-laws. A written request should be sent in to the municipal clerk. Allow approximately a week for processing. It will cost $50 for the photocopying, plus mailing costs if applicable.


Inspections regarding permits are made every time a permit is issued and can be made during the entire construction project in order to ensure that town planning by-laws and the Québec Building Code are respected. To request an inspection for a septic installation, the owner or contractor must advise the inspector at the Town Planning Department at least 48 hours in advance and make an appointment.

Inspections regarding complaints

An official complaint to the Town Planning Department automatically results in an inspection of the premises by a municipal officer. The members of the Town planning and Environment Departments are authorized to make inspections.


Human Ressources


Éric L’Heureux

Directeur du Service de l’urbanisme
450-226-3232, poste 108

Karen Arredondo

Responsable de division – permis et inspection
450-226-3232, poste 109

Sofiane Fiala

Inspecteur en urbanisme et en environnement
450-226-3232, poste 114

Nathalie Poirier

Adjointe administrative Urbanisme et Travaux publics
450-226-3232, poste 115
Télécopieur : 450-226-8786
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