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Direction générale

The town manager – the office and the treasury

The Directeur général is the communication link between the council, the various municipal departments, commissions, and committees. He or she plans, coordinates and organizes the actions required to follow up on the council’s priorities and objectives.

Its main responsibilities are:

  • Managing human resources
  • Preparing the budget and monitoring expenses
  • Planning the immobilizations program

As the secretary of the municipality, he or she is in charge of all the legal aspects regarding the Municipality.

Its main tasks are:

  • Prepare council meetings;
  • Produce the council’s administrative documents and records of proceedings (resolutions and by-laws);
  • Analysis and execution of by-laws;
  • Making certain that an Act respecting access to documents held by Public Bodies and the protection of personal information is followed;
  • Conserve archives;
  • Manage offers to tenders;
  • Administer the municipal insurance portfolio;
  • Act as the Election President.
    As the Municipality’s Treasurer, he or she makes sure of that public money is soundly managed, and to do so, he or she is supported by the deputy director and secretary-treasurer.

Its responsibilities are:

  • Prepare the annual operation and immobilizations budget;
  • Register the principal accounting transactions;
  • Produce financial statements and other budgetary reports;
  • Follow and update the real estate assessment roll;
  • Invoice and collect real estate taxes;
  • Manage liquid assets;
  • Assess mid term and long term financing needs;
  • Establish accounting, budgetary, financial policies and procedures.

This Department administers all computing equipment, and is also responsible for providing information pertaining to taxation and municipal real estate appraisal.

To read the Code of ethics and good conduct for the employees of the Municipality of Morin-Heights, click here.


Human Ressources


Yves Desmarais

Directeur général
450-226-3232, poste 101

Michel Grenier

Directeur des services administratifs
450-226-3232, poste 106

Louise Atkinson

Adjointe administrative de la direction générale et la mairie
Infos générales
450-226-3232, poste 101

Josée Aubin

Agent comptable
450-226-3232, poste 105
Télécopieur : 450-226-8786
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