Information concerning taxes and terms of payment.

- It is very important to advise us in writing of any change of mailing address promptly, by completing the online change of address form to avoid being late and having to pay interest fees.

Please note that the 2023 tax bills will be mailled on February 10, 2023

Municipal Tax Bill Available Online via VOILÀ!

2023 tax rate

Property tax rates per $100 evaluation:

Total $ 0.6810

Plus taxes on services, per unit of evaluation, if applicable

Waste & recycling collection $268
Residential drinking water supply (waterworks) $303
Water tax for pool owners on a municipal water system $200

4 Installments 2023

Dates are:

BY-LAW 653-2022 regarding taxes, tarifs, service and compensation costs
for the 2023 financial year (French only)

Methods of payment for municipal taxes, duties on transfers of immovables or special duties

By Internet

To avoid manipulating paper, we invite you to make your tax payments by Internet

By mail

At the Town Hall

At your Financial institution

Reminder notice for deadlines


Human Ressources


Michel Grenier

450 226-3232, poste 106

Linda Zinkewich

Adjointe administrative à la taxation
450 226-3232, poste 110
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