Environment Dossier

The environment dossier is assigned to the Town Planning, Environment and Development of the Territory Department.

The Town Planning Department is responsible for applying the Town Planning by-laws and for issuing permits in regards to the environment. Its mandate ranges from making sure the municipal by-laws and provincial regulations are followed with regards to drinking water supply, wells, septic installations, tree cutting, protection of wetlands and all bodies of water.

To request a permit, please print, complete, and return the Permit & Certificate Request Form to the Municipal office or by e-mail the Environment Department with the required documents.

It is mandatory to obtain a permit for drilling a well, for a new or replacement septic installation, work near shorelines, and/or on wetlands, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact the Town Planning, Environment and Development of the Territory Department for more information. If permits are required for work you wish to do on your property, you must submit a written request before starting any work.

Visit the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la faune’s website (MRNF) to learn about how to aquire an authorization for the realization of your projects near the shoreline.

Neighbour disputes also fall under this department.

Environment bulletins published by the MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut

Lakes, rivers, wetlands and all bodies of water

The Municipality regulates certain human interventions to preserve the abundant natural wealth found in our region.

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Water saving Ecofitt Kit

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Septic tank cleaning

Mandatory periodical cleaning

A receipt must be sent to the town hall. Most companies forward it to the Town planning department automatically, but please inquire with your service provider.


Sustainable development

For a few years now, the Morin-Heights Municipal Council has decided to put sustainable development on the agenda as a priority.

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Waste management

Curb collection calendar

The Municipal curb collection of residual waste is done mechanically, using 360 litres rolling bins. This method allows residents to recycle more and helps us achieve the Quebec government’s objective to reduce landfill by 60 %.

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Information, activities, worshops & conferences

This section contains information on events, workshops, conferences etc.

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Fleurons du Québec Program

Fleurons du Québec

Despite an increase of over 80 points, the Municipality fell just 20 points shy of gaining its 4th fleuron during its eva­luation in July, 2013. The Municipality improved its evaluation in all five sections but of considerable note was a score of 144 out of a possible 160 points in the sustainable deve­lopment category. This is five fleuron status and speaks volumes about our combined environ­mental initiatives.

Our emphasis has been toward accentuating the natural beauty and charm of our municipality and regulations to help preserve our surroundings. The vast trail network combined with non-motorized activities along with shoreline regeneration,
erosion control and strong tree cutting management all played a part in the high score.

Another point of pride was the comment that many of our residences have gardens that merit 5 fleuron status. This is a testament to the many residents who take pride in landsca­ping their properties. Regardless of the classification, the tremendous improvements are enjoyed by everyone and if left to the opinion of the townspeople and the general public, we all agree we live in a very beautiful area.

Residents and businesses are invited to participate in the movement by highlighting the landscaping of their residence or business.

Fleurons Quebec website: www.fleuronsduquebec.com

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