Town Planning


The Town Planning Department

The Town Planning Department is the doorway to the Engineering and Design Department for citizens and businesses, which are monitoring projects in Morin-Heights.


Regulation & Permits

Citizens are responsible to find out if any a project they wish to undertake is in line with the current regulation and if they require a permit.


The Advisory Town Planning Committee

The Town Planning Advisory Committee is a committee mandated by the Municipal Council to make its recommendations on the requests that are submitted for analysis regarding town planning and land development.


Real Estate Projects

Here is a list of the main local residential developments.


Minor Derogation Request

Obtaining a minor derogation allows the legalisation of a situation where the application of zoning and/or parcelling regulations causes a serious prejudice to the applicant.


Temporary Winter Shelters

Dates to have a temporary shelter up

Installation :

  • Of the structure : October 1st
  • Of the cover: October 15th


  • Removal of the cover : May 1st
  • Of the structure : May 15th
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