Regulation & Permits

Citizens are responsible to find out if any a project they wish to undertake is in line with the current regulation and if they require a permit.

The Summary of Town Planning By-Laws presents an outline of our main town planning regulations and lets you know if a permit is required or not before going ahead with a project. It takes you through the steps to obtain a permit or an authorization certificate, lists costs and required documents to include with permit requests.

To request a permit or a certificate, declare work or cut trees, please print and complete the Permit request form and return it to the Municipal office or by e-mail to the Town Planning Department with the required documents.

All municipal by-laws, are in the Regulation & Policies section, listed in alphabetical order by subject. The link to our Forms is located in the horizontal menu at the top of the page.

Here’s a quick link to the zoning map, as part of the Zoning by-law, located in the above mentioned section in its integral version.


Human Ressources


Éric L’Heureux

450 226-3232, poste 108

Nathalie Poirier

Adjointe administrative
450 226-3232, poste 115

Karen Arredondo

Responsable de division – permis et inspection
450 226-3232, poste 109

Sofiane Fiala

Inspecteur en urbanisme et en environnement
450 226-3232, poste 114
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