Waste management

Curb collection calendar

Our plan to manage ecologically

The Municipal curb collection of residual waste is done mechanically, using 360 litres rolling bins. This method allows residents to recycle more and helps us achieve the Quebec government’s objective to reduce landfill by 60 %. Please see collection calendar.

These bins belong to the Municipality of Morin-Heights. However, property owners remain responsible for their maintenance. The bin must remain on location, if the property is sold.

COMPLAINTS regarding the CURB COLLECTIONS can be sent by email to Compo Recyle at info@comporecycle.com or by telephone at 1-888-482-6676, option 2.

Domestic waste collection: every Thursday from June to Labour Day, after which garbage collection is every 2 weeks.

Big items collection: Consult the calendar.

Recycling collection: every two weeks on Friday. Please refer to the Curb collection calendar.

Construction materials, organic matter, and domestic hazardous wastes, including batteries, paint, cleaners, solvents, fuels and their containers are not accepted in either of the bins for weekly collection. Scroll down for information about the Ecocentre.

This service is only offered to residents, not for commercial use.

Curb collection

For waste collection, bins have to be brought to the curb without hindering traffic or snow removal, with the opening towards the street. Bins which are not on the curb will not be emptied.

For more information, consult the waste management regulation By-law 425


Only the contents of these bins are collected. Large boxes or extra cardboard can be folded, flattened and included in the blue bin for collection.

What goes in the recycling bin.

Items not accepted in the recycling bin:
Diapers, food scraps, photographs, non recoverable toys, windows, dishes, mirrors, rubber, plastics with the #6 symbols, plastics without any Mobius symbol, construction materials.

Managing organic waste at home (French only)

Care & storage of bins

Owners are responsible for maintaining their bins in good condition. As of September 1st 2008, replacing a neglected bin can cost the owner ($100.00 + tax).

For damaged bins & broken wheels, please call 450-226-3232, ext. 115.

In winter numerous bins suffer extensive damage because they are left on the side of the road or broken by private snow removal contractors. Heavily damaged bins and bins with broken wheels will not be emptied. The Municipality strongly suggests to citizens to make the necessary arrangements to manage the storing of the bins if they go away or if they are part-time residents. Bin storage between collections is essential in order to preserve the appearance of the local settings.

All residents, as well as part-time dwellers are asked to leave their bins out of sight or store them in a specially designed structure (permit required) between collections.

Using the recycling bins

The Ecocentre

Address in St-Sauveur beside their municipal garage
2125 Jean-Adam (Route 364)
450 227-2451

Ecocentre hours

As part of the MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut waste Management Plan, an inter-municipal agreement between St-Sauveur, Piedmont and Morin-Heigths allows us to operate an Ecocentre.

Read the 2014 flyer

Domestic hazardous materials

The Ecocentre now accepts branches and leaves, as well as the following domestic hazardous materials:

Other suppliers accept:

Other link of interest Recyc-Québec (French only)

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Liste des documents


Dépliant Écocentre 2014

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Plan de gestion des matières résiduelles 2016-2020

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Adoption de la charte sur les matières résiduelles vouées à l’enfouissement

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Matières interdites dans les bacs

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