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Residential projects

Here is a list of the main local residential developments:

  • Le Balmoral
    c/o Julie Gaucher 514-499-1881
  • Le Beausoleil
    c/o Michel Brisson 450-821-6515
  • Bois du Ruisseau
    Axe Immobiler c/o Jacques Papin 514-978-8515
  • Les Boisés du sommet
    c/o Pierre Filion 514-953-5577
  • Construction Lafco rue Perce-Neige
    c/o Martin Lafrenière 450-660-0673
  • Domaine Rivière à Simon
    Immo M-C c/o Donald Cloutier 514-949-2638
  • Domaine sud-ouest
    c/o Jean Lasalle 450-602-0591
  • Le Havre du Balmoral
    c/o Gaétan Cadieux 450-432-4093
  • Les Jardins de la source
    c/ode François Chapdelaine 514-815-7160
  • Les Primeroses
    MSSI Immobilier 450-227-4671
  • Les Sommets du Mont-Alpino
    c/o David Riddell 450-226-5999
  • Les Sous-bois
    MSSI Immobilier 450-227-4671
  • Val-des-Cèdres
    c/o François Chapdelaine 514-815-7160


Located in the heart of the Laurentides, Morin-Heights enjoys nature’s gift of the Rivière-à-Simon plus the well-known Corridor Aérobique, a favourite location for outdoor activities in both summer and winter. It is part of the Municipalité Régionale de Comté des Pays-d’en-Haut* (MRC) and is situated in the Argenteuil constituency.

In fact, the sports lovers will discover that Morin-Heights is an ideal place to be, all year round. Those who prefer winter sports are spoiled for choice: Morin-Heights offers two outdoor skating rinks, alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails.

The cross-country ski enthusiasts will enjoy one of the best cross-country ski networks maintained in the Laurentides, with 165 kilometres of inter-connected trails accessible through our Corridor Aérobique.

Morin-Heights is:

  • A bilingual municipality living in harmony with its history, its culture and its family values
  • A municipality located in the heart of the Laurentides with of 59,40 square kilometres of green spaces, mountains, lakes and rivers.
  • A unique place called home by 3 994 permanent residents and 1 662 vacationers or part-timers.
  • A modern municipality with six aqueduct networks
  • A municipality easily accessed from Highway 15 via exit 60, at the junction of Routes 329 and 364, five minutes away from the town of St-Sauveur, and fifty minutes away from Montréal.
  • A quiet municipality, yet conveniently located near all the services
  • A playground for all ages with activities that respect the environment.

Although Morin-Heights originally developed its economy around the forestry industry, it’s the outdoor recreation industry that prevails today. In line with this new dedication to recreation/tourism related activity, Morin-Heights has developed into a hospitable and diversified environment.

Historical highlights

Residential projects


Historical highlights

A few historical highlights

The local legend has it that an engineer named Morin came to explore this area of the Laurentians and hired a guide by the name of Simon, a native from Oka. The town and the river at the heart of the village would respectively bear their names.

In reality, Augustin-Norbert Morin (1803-1865), deputy (1830-1854), Minister and land commissioner (1842-1843), founder of the newspaper La Minerve (1826) and Superior Court Judge (1855-1859) bought 1600 hectares of land in the Abercromby township where he built a house, wood-cutting and flour mills, thus contributing to the development of the region. By 1852, the name Morin was extended to the entire township, which included at the time Morin-Heights, Val-Morin and Ste-Adèle.

The township was incorporated as a municipality in 1855. The English pioneers of Irish origin came from Lachute and Wentworth. The pioneers of francophone descendants arrived from St-Jérôme and St-Eustache.

The impact of the coexistence of two origins of settlers, who were to develop and build the municipality, has perpetuated and remains to this day.

The name of Morin Flats was first given to the portion which extends to the river bank, but in 1896 the village formally acquired the name of Morin Heights when the railroad company, through the colonization of Montfort, connected the municipality with Montreal.

A section of this railroad track has today become the very popular bicycle path and cross-country ski trail known as the Corridor Aérobique.

For details, visit the Morin Heights Historical Association’s web site




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