Emergency Automated Calling System

Emergency Automated Calling System

Morin-Heights is able to contact its residents by phone in case of an emergency using an automated calling system.

This system is able to join by phone a maximum number of persons in a minimal amount of time. It can be used by sector or for certain streets only, in case of an interruption of water supply, an environmental crisis or any other emergency. The message could include instructions to follow.

The phone service is actually comprised of all listed phone numbers in the phone book (Bell’s white pages). Please note that the data base of the Municipality remains confidential and cannot be used for telemarketing purposes. It is managed by a few members of the municipal staff.

You have a confidential number? You are only using a cell phone or have moved in recently? Please send your information by email (name, address and phone number) at telephone@morinheights.com in order to be added to the data base and be on our automated calling list in case of an emergency.

The automated calling system is used as a method of additional emergency communication and should not be considered the sole source of information. The Municipalité de Morin-Heights offers no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or delivery of any information transmitted through the system. Although it is an important tool for the Municipality in an emergency, there is no guarantee that the notification will reach every resident when activated. The Municipalité de Morin-Heights, the Council and municipal employees shall not be liable for any actions taken or omissions made with regards to the information provided or for failure in receiving messages.

If you have a physical impairment, please contact the municipality at 450 226-3232, ext. 101 or at municipalite@morinheights.com in order to be added to a priority list in case of an emergency. This list will remain confidential.


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